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It’s late. Or early. Or something in between where sleep is needed but I’m wide awake.

I’m going through a million emotions with you and I’m scared to do anything about it. Why? Because you’re more than I can handle.
You irritate me every day with your smart ass remarks and you make me sad when you say things that get me annoyed and sometimes you act as if there’s nothing there. But I’m finally allowing myself to accept there be something there.
Because while you make me feel a thousand emotions, you make me happy. More happy than I’ve been in weeks and you constantly shower me with small, but adorable, presents and you spoil me - oh, how you spoil me.
But I need something more than that and I’m praying to God you’ll be that.
I need someone who can deal with my demons. Someone who knows I’m insecure and will continue to show me there’s nothing to worry about. Someone who will support me and teach me more than I need to know.
I need someone who can hold my hand and someone who isn’t afraid to show me off and someone who can love me for the bright sides….and the dark sides of me.
I need someone who wont run away when I want to and someone who will comfort me and know the ins and outs of me and someone who can provide for me what I can’t provide for myself and someone who can finally, FINALLY, help me grow as an individual.
I need someone to be in love with me the way I fall in love.
God, I hope it’s you.
I’m not ready for another heartbreak. But for you, I want to know you’re worth the risk.

I hope you’re worth it in the end.

Hopes and prayers,


everything you love is here


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